I'm writing this blog for fun, the main topics I write about are Cybersecurity, Privacy and Cryptocurrencies.

I chose to call it Decipher because I think the internet can be overwhelming sometimes, and I want to try to make it simpler to understand and use. This is my insight on a web that is tangled.

I have decided to learn Rust, Python, Typescript, Objective, Swift, Java & JavaScript, because I think they’ll be the most beneficial for me to learn.

According to a 2021 Stack overflow poll, Rust and TypeScript are the first and third most loved programming languages and Python, Typescript, JavaScript, Go and Rust are the five most wanted languages with the addition of Swift, so I can develop iOS apps.

JavaScript, Python and TypeScript are among the top languages that both non-professional and professional developers use for programming, scripting, and markup.



Rust is the most loved technology in the past 5 years, with Typescript and Python in second and third.

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