Are your friends and family GDPR compliant?

Are your friends and family GDPR compliant?

Example: If you share your phone number with someone and they have Facebook when they add your contact to their phone Facebook will know your name and phone number and if your government does KYC checks when subscribing to a phone contract, Facebook will be able to identify you, it doesn't have to be Government KYC, anything with your phone number which could include:

- Social Media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
- Banking apps
- Data leaks or breaches for any of the former due to a lack of security.

Be careful where you share your data, not just phone numbers, Bank account information, anything that can be traced back to you can put the safety of you and those you love at risk. Not only are Tech giants like Facebook, Amazon & Google invasive, they're also dangerous because of the amount of personal information and data they have and store

2020 was the single worst year for data breaches as well as an ongoing international pandemic.