Best exchanges for fees and security.

There are so many cryptocurrency exchanges, it can be daunting and often overwhelming to decide or even know which ones can or cannot be trusted because, even though Bitcoin is a trustless P2P currency, you still have to trust a third party when you buy it and to keep your highly sensitive data safe from Cybercriminals.

  • Kraken
  • Xsats
  • BottlePay
  • Bitcoin Suisse


Kraken has gained a positive reputation from almost a decade of trading cryptocurrencies and digital assets, their security is second to none security they've implemented includes:

  • 2FA
  • Username separate to the public username for added security keep your username private and don't disclose to anyone even Kraken support.
  • e-mail verification
  • PGP encryption

They have also never had a data leak or been hacked. Have gained a high reputation since 2013.


Xsats is one of my favourite exchanges due to it's simplicity and security.

Xsats is self-hosted unlike Coinbase which relies on AWS meaning Amazon has backdoor access to your ID documents and they comply too easily with tax and law enforcement.

Additionally Xsats only includes a fee of £0.50 and £0 after £99. You can also set up the Xpub key and standing order so you don't have to do anything except sit back and relax, the Xpub means the bitcoins are sent to a new address for each transaction which increases privacy.

  • 2FA
  • Xpub


BottlePay is another easy exchange for beginners with 1% trading fees ability to withdraw at will and send to another user with just a username for free. Although there currently isn't the ability to add 2FA and instead they're using SMS I believe it's a feature they're working on.

Bitcoin Suisse

Never been hacked/ data leak and been around since 2013

Exchanges to avoid:

  • Coinbase/ Coinbase Pro