Phishing is a problem that needs to be fixed.

Firefox relay is the first I have noticed that provides a service to circumnavigate phishing by using a randomly generated email address you can use a few times then regenerate the likely use case is e-commerce where companies will hoard the data including phone numbers, email addresses and sometimes even physical addresses like the recent Audi/VW data leak in which no one is held accountable or they just blame it on the intern which is comparatively similar to blaming it on the dog.

Apple is the second company I have seen doing this as they plan to release it with iOS 15 later this year.

Not much different to the leak from Ledger [] addressed mid last year where over 1 million customers were affected.

Despite GDPR saying companies can only retain this information as long as needed which some of the leaked data was 2-3 years old which is proving a very aggressive phishing campaign in the months that followed by December I was getting 20 emails a week from people claiming to be Ledger.

I expect by the end of this year the same problem will happen on top of Ledger as well as Audi and Volkswagen in which 3.3 million customers were affected.

I hope to see in the future other major companies like Proton Mail, Google and Microsoft adopt such methods.