Setup auto-reply to accounts that are plagued with phishing emails.

If you have an old email address that you still sometimes use for sign ups to websites you don’t fully trust and has been in several data breaches rendering it untrustworthy you can setup an auto-reply to the messages you receive if they’re all spam that doesn’t get filtered properly. Most email providers have the ability to setup an auto-reply message.

It could say something like this.

“Sorry I don’t use this email anymore because of shit-head scammers like yourselves, please use instead, thank you for your consideration.”

Most of the emails I get are either threateningly kill me if I don’t pay a ransom, “your account has been compromised click this link 👇 to talk to a representative.” Or “we heard you’re interested in developing a new app/website.” Or you’ve just won ₿1.58385 when really you haven't, it's just a rouse to install malicious software on your computer.