Treat your privacy coins like they will some day be traceable.

Monero is one of my favorite cryptocurrencies because it has the essential qualities of a great currency it is secure, private, untraceable and fungible.

The community is also very friendly, helpful and giving. Not to mention the lack of gains because it's so much more than profit, it's about being able to send money freely, securely and privately without the fear or worry that a Government or other entity could stop that transaction or steal the funds, there is a reason cybercriminals use it, I would be slightly worried if they didn't.

Thanks to a community project Cake Wallet you can exchange Bitcoin and Litecoin to Monero or vise versa.

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More reasons to consider Monero:

  1. third highest developer count of any project
  2. most government bounties of any project
  3. most widely used in places that need to transact safely and privately
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Monero should be treated with respect, regardless of whether it's private now or not because one day the encryption may be broke and it may not be.

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