Windows 11 is coming… Remain vigilant.

Today it was announced that windows 11 is coming and it looks good so far but according to the Verge you have to have or generate a Microsoft account.

The problem with this is that it forces current users to make a new account in order to use the software which they shouldn’t have to with any other OS you’re not forced into making an account with that company or brand.

There is currently a solution for this but it only works when you start from fresh, you just don’t connect to the WiFi which doesn’t allow the setup to force you to sign in, it will simply skip that process because the computer needs an internet connection to be able to sign you in.

According to how to geek it’s not possible to use Windows without signing in.

The problem with customers using Windows 10 and upgrading to Windows 11 when it’s available is that the existing user is already connected to the internet via WiFi or Ethernet so it’s possible to force the user to submit to signing in or making an account.

Windows 11, which is now a 64-bit CPU, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage, 12GB more than it is currently.