Despite criticism, Proton VPN stand true to their no log policy

You may have heard about ProtonMail's legally justified IP log case in recent news, if not, I wrote about it here

I think the problem starts when people decide not to read the privacy policy which is sent automatically during the signup process as well as being clearly available on their website. The old Privacy policy effective 16 Nov 2015 was updated on 06.09.21

The difference between ProtonMail and Proton VPN is that under Swiss law VPN companies CANNOT log IP addresses and traffic while connected through a tunnel but IF passed by the Swiss canton court of Geneva or a Swiss federal court, they can be forced to turn on logging after a subpoena has been served. Despite this ProtonMail remains one of, if not thee most secure email provider in the world because of the unique laws Switzerland has regarding privacy.

If this had happened in any other country within the EU, UK, Asia, Australia, or US the outcome would've been a lot different.